Personal assistant/editor

One of the things nobody is doing with AI for writers is to create a virtual assistant, as in the role of the editor. Getting inspiring ideas or even writting some parts wiht AI is cool but what I really need is a **virtual editor**. This virtual editor could suggest changes or make comments on the current state of the novel. Features that this virtual editor could cover: - Make suggestions about characters. "Character A has appeared only in 10% of chapters. You may want to include him more", "This dialogue by Character B doesn't sound quite like her", "Remember that Character C hates heights so you need to mention it when jumping from the bridge" - Make suggestions about the structure or plot. Should I add some chapter? Maybe reorganize something. Is there any plot twist I could add? - Provide analytics and insights. Am I repeating a word too much? How many words do I write on average? What's the length of the acts? - Suggest changes of tone/pace autonomously. - Act as an accountability buddy (the same way an editor would). "Welcome back! You need to write xx word this week if you want to achive your goals", "Don't give up, just write a couple of pages today and tomorrow and you'll recover the pace".