Story Engine complete non-video example

Hello all. I'm new to sudowrite and I'm particularly interested in using story engine. I know there are videos on the sudowrite youtube channel, but I'm wondering if there's an easier way for me to look at a story engine example. I mean a complete example that lets me see Braindump, Style, Genre, Synopsis, Characters, and Outline. To be clear, I'd like to see examples that aren't videos. So they'd be text or screenshots. I want to be able to navigate quickly so that I may compare Braindump, Characters, and Outline, not needing to fast forward or rewind or remember timestamps. My goal is to optimize Braindump, Style, Genre, Synopsis, Characters, and Outline, making the best use of the word count, to produce beats accurate to my vision (and maybe fill in the gaps in my vision with creative but compatible suggestions).