Claude integration?

Sudowrites has some fantastic features (storyengine, shrink ray, rewrite function) and is perfectly designed for writing fun stories. However, Turbo, which to my understanding is the current model used, is a bit limited in it's capabilities. Often I find myself wanting to resubscribe to sudo, but feel that it's just a waste since the API for turbo is so readily available, and there are better alternatives to it. I understand GPT-4 would likely be far too expensive to run and getting access is most likely to be difficult, even if general availability is around the corner. Have you guys ever considered trying to get access to other models for use such as Antropic's Claude v2? The prose of the generations are equal if not superior to GPT-4, and are 1/3rd the price (going by openrouter general prices). I'm unsure how easy or difficult it would be to add other language models without breaking UI code or causing other issues, but unless there are already plans to add or upgrade to GPT-4, I figured it would be worth suggesting just since I feel Turbo just doesn't have the umph I'd like most of the time. Apologies if this has been suggested before.