Better control over generating Beats in the Prose section in the Story Engine.

Right now when I hit generate Prose it will generate the entire chapter. Sometimes after reading through what has been given, I realize that some Beats need to be altered and regenerate the Prose. Witch means regenerating the entire chapter. Even if I only alter one Beat the entire chapter is rewritten witch eats up thousands of words. It would be nice if I could control what Beats are generated in Prose and request a rewrite of specific sections. For instance I could request it to write Beats one and two, read through and then tell it to continue with Beats three and four. if I have a problem with it I can alter Beats three and four and then tell the Prose section to re generate the section covering Beats three and four. It could be similar to the rest of the system where it will generate Prose based on a few Beats in blue then I can confirm the generation and it will enter it into the Prose section or I can alter the Beats its covering and then hit regenerate for that section. This would also help with the Prose section sometimes going off flow, I have had a few times where the Prose will prematurely end the story flow half way through the chapter then undo it as it continues with the next few Beast.