A few suggestions for story engine

First off, I'd like to start by saying that I absolutely love Story Engine! It's capacity to keep track of everything for me and produce effective, usable words for my story to help me get around writer's block or generate ideas to push the story onward is astounding! Good work on it! I just have a few suggestions for it: 1) A tracker somewhere on the page that informs me of my remaining words for the month, or words from purchase. That way I can track how many words I can still produce before I run out. I just hit my first cutoff this month, go Story Engine!, and was very confused until I finally realised I was out of words. 2) Have the ability to to pause the generation of words for Prose immediately rather than completing the current Beat. This would allow users to edit text as it is generated so the rest of the beat is aware of the change, and also prevents the wasting of words if the writer doesn't like where the prose is headed and needs to make changes to the Beat. 3) Either a longer word maximum for the characters section, or another section all together that can't generate words, but is used to store the list of characters. Some scenes have so many characters that I can't fit all of them into the current Character section so when the Prose is written some Characters will speak or act differently, or suddenly have different colored hair or eyes, etc. I've been assuming that it must be a limit to the amount of information the Story Engine is capable of storing and keeping track of since the Prose pulls from every section of the Story Engine. But if this is possible it would make it much easier to manage scenes with many characters! 4) The ability to determine how much Prose is written per Beat. Even when I provide very specific Beats and despite having played with how many words are generated per Beat by adding or reducing the number of Beats during generation, I still find that the Prose ends up being shorter than what I'd like per Beat. Being able to tweak the amount of words, even if its with a generic list of (short, medium, long) instead of actual word count would be nice. Anyways, thank you so much for all of your hardwork and dedication to Sudowrite! I don't get a lot of time to write; writing is my passion hobby but not my source of income. Sudowrite and now Story Engine help me maintain focus and effectiveness in my limited writing time and I really appreciate what you have here!