SE - redesign the word cap functionality

I frequently find myself reaching the cap limit in the various windows as I work on SE. I know that the generate command builds on the content of the previous windows, and since you can edit them, the cap is there to make sure you don't exceed what the feature is supposed to work with. However, it would be greatly ease my ability to work if you do the following, instead of the annoying auto-truncating functionality: 1. Highlight the frame in a red color, and bold the word count similarly, when reaching or exceeding the word count for that window. 2. When clicking the generate button, prompt a message to the author that a window needed for the generate function is overburdened with text, and needs to be thinned out before continuing. Best if you also mention which windows these are (e.g. Synopsis, Outline, etc..) 3. Activate the truncate as it is after an extra 50% of the allowed word count (or 25% of it where there's an already large cap). I believe the above will make SE much more friendly to use when you go through it in edit mode.