Story engine Prose did something weird just now-

When I did accurate prose, it started out okay, and then began to jumble words around. When i clicked on pause, it stopped, then started again, and continued. I restarted it and it did the same thing, using about 1000 jumbled up words. **First time** 1 - 2 Kiara watched intently as Liam, her younger brother, carefully opened the large envelope. Inside were papers that held vital information about their late grandmother's inheritance—a quaint cottage nestled in an undisclosed location. The musty scent of old parchment filled the air, bringing with it a sense of history and secrets waiting to be uncovered. "Alright, let's see what we have here," Liam murmured, his voice tinged with curiosity. He began rifling through the documents, his eyes scanning for any clues that would lead them to the whereabouts of their mysterious inheritance. Kiara studied her brother's face, noting the deepening creases on his forehead as he delved further into the contents of the envelope. She had always admired Liam's enthusiasm and determination. Despite being a college student juggling a busy schedule, he never hesitated to lend a helping hand to those in need—especially when it came to family matters. "Kiara, you're not going to believe this," Liam muttered, his voice barely audible. His hands trembled slightly as he clutched a piece of paper, his hazel eyes widening with disbelief. "What is it?" she asked, leaning in to get a better look at the document. As she read the words scribbled on the yellowed parchment, a shiver ran down her spine. "The's located in Xoralia," Liam whispered, his face pale and his eyes shimmering with a mixture of fear and excitement. "Xoralia?" Kiara echoed, her heart hammering in her chest. She knew the name sounded familiar, but she couldn't quite place it. "Where have I heard that before?" "Isn't that the island from the myth?" Liam questioned, his voice wavering. "The one that vanished without a trace, leaving no evidence of its existence?" "Could it be true?" Kiara mused, her mind racing with thoughts of mysterious islands and ancient legends. The thrill of embarking on a daring adventure tugged at her heart, but she couldn't shake the feeling that something dark and dangerous lurked within the shadows of Xoralia. "Even if it's just a myth," Liam continued, struggling to keep his voice steady, "we have to admit that there's always some1 - 2 truth to themmaintain his. composure, Besides, we owe it "there must to ourselves—and be some truth to our to it. grandmother—to Myths don at least try and find out more't just come about from nowhere this place." "." True"," KiAre you sureara agreed,?" Ki herara asked, curiosity piqu hesitatinged.. She She knew knew their that her brother's fascination search could lead them with mythology ran deep, into perilous territory, but and she trusted the his thought of reclaiming a piece instincts. " of theirBut how are family history we supposed to find a was too enticing place that supposedly to ignore doesn't. "Absolutely," exist?" Liam Liam replied, furrow his eyesed his shining with brow, contemplating determination. " the challenge before themWe may never get another. "We'll chance like this, Kiara have to dig deeper,. We do more have to research. take it." There hasAs Kiara to be something watched we're missing, her brother's face, she couldn some clue that will lead't help us to Xoralia." As they spoke, but feel a surge of pride for his unw the airavering resolve and around them loyalty. Together seemed, they to thicken with anticipation, would uncover the as if charged with secrets of X the energyoralia of their and forge an un determination.break Kiaraable bond couldn't help that would span the realms but of reality feel a strange connection and myth. "Alright," to the mysterious island, as she agreed, though it nod was calling outding firmly. to her "We,'ll do beckoning her to uncover this together, Liam. its secrets. " Let's unravelAlright," the mystery she said, of X heroralia and honor voice filled with resolve. our grandmother's "Let's legacy." explore thisAnd myth further with that,. But they del we needved deeper **Second Try** they delved into the enigma that was Xoralia, little did1 - 2 they knowKiara leaned against the worn wooden that their journey would table, her not only lead them to gaze fixed on a hidden world Liam as he brimming with magic and rifled through wonder but the also awaken large envelope a dormant power. She couldn't help within themselves—one that would forever change the but admire her younger brother course of their lives's enthusiasm, his excitement. palpable in the way his eyes danced over each document And while the shadows of Xoralia whispered of darkness. The and betrayal, musty scent the of light of old love and paper filled the hope small room, adding would guide them to the air through the most treacherous of mystery that surrounded of trials, forging their recent an eternal bond between two souls destined inheritance. "Here it is," to unite Liam said., his voice a mix of triumph and disbelief. He pulled out a yellowed sheet of parchment, covered in elegant script, and spread it out on the table with trembling hands. Kiara noticed his knuckles turn white as he gripped the edges of3 - 4 the paper. "ara moved closerIs everything alright, her?" she asked curiosity piqued, concern as she tried to laced in her decipher the voice. ancient handwriting Liam's face had turned. "Kiara pale,, I've been a marked contrast searching to his everywhere for information on usual rosy this island called Xoral-cheeked complexionia,". "According Liam said, to this, his the cottage is brow furrowed located on an island with concern. "But called X it's like itoralia," he doesn replied, his't exist." words coming"Really out?" Kiara's heart sank a in a shaky whisper. "Xoral little,ia?" Kiara but she echoed, her refused to let her disappointment show brow furrowing. Her resourcefulness in confusion. kicked in She wracked, and her she brain, her knowledge of herbs and potions giving began to think of other her ways they could learn a vast more mental library of geographical locations about their enigmatic inheritance.. But X "I'm sureoralia was a there must be name something she'd never we missed. I'll have a encountered. It felt foreign on her tongue, look around too." "Actually tinged with an, I've already done otherworldly a thorough quality that sent search, Ki shivers down," Liam admitted, running a hand through his hair her spine. "Are you sure you're reading that correctly?" she asked, trying. "Nothing. Not a single mention of an island named Xoralia to keep the skepticism from her voice. It. Liam's like nodded, it just... vanished swallowing hard." A sh. He extendediver a hand to ran down her, palm up, Kiara's spine at his words inviting her, the sense of to see for herself mystery surrounding. With a the island deep deep breath,ening with every passing Kiara stepped closer, moment. her She heart racing as couldn't shake she looked down off the feeling that there was at the parchment. As much as she wanted to dispute Liam's claim, she couldn more to this than met the eye. "Wait," Liam said suddenly, his eyes't deny what was written in lighting bold, up with excitement. " swirling letters: "I remember somethingXoral from myia." " mythology class about anDoes this mean island called..." she trailed off, Xoralia. It was said to unable to find the have right words. disappeared without a Her mind trace, raced with possibilities, as if swallowed by the sea itself." " each one more fantasticalAre you sure?" Ki than the last. Couldara asked their, gripping inheritance really be located the edge of on a mysterious, the table unknown island. The thought of? " their inheritanceMaybe," Liam replied being, linked to such a his voice mysterious tale was barely audible both thrilling. He looked up and terrifying. "Positive," Liam confirmed, his at her, his eyes wide and filled with uncertainty. enthusiasm infectious. "But it could "It was one of also those myths that be a mistake. Or a stuck with me, prank." mainly"Or something more because no one could?" ever prove or disprove Kiara suggested, allowing its existence herself to. But entertain the idea of a now... now hidden world waiting it feels like we're for them to discover. "Maybe," standing on the edge of something incredible Liam said again." As the, a siblings exchanged gl hint of excitementances, creeping into his the weight of the tone. They exchanged a secret they knowing glance, both aware carried seemed to grow heavier, binding them that their lives together in their quest were for answers. The legend of about to change in ways they couldn't Xoral have imaginedia. As had found its the siblings way into their lives stood there, the weight, of their discovery pressing and there would be no down on them turning, the air seemed to th back from the path that lay ahead.icken with In the shadows anticipation. And of myth despite the risks and magic, and uncertainties that they would discover lay ahead, Kiara a love that knew one thing for transcended time and space certain: together, and a, they truth that would would change everything they thought they unravel the mystery of Xoralia and unlock knew about themselves and their the secrets that had been world. hidden away for generations. 5 - 6 Kiara's heart raced as she clutched a steaming cup of chamomile tea, the scent mingling with the musty aroma of old books and parchment. The small study seemed to close in on her as Liam paced back and forth, recounting the myth he