Story Engine Genre Presets

Since genre requirements vary so much as does everyone's writing style, having a preset inside Story Engine would be immensely helpful in establishing a baseline for the generated prose. There could be a dropdown box at the start of the SE project to select the genre of the story - i.e. horror, romance, fantasy. Instead of an expansive list of subgenres, provide sliding scales within each genre. For example, horror would have a sliding scale for fear and gore and romance would have one for sweetness and comedy. Making the sliding scales options the same in each genre would allow for limitless combinations so the romance would have the same offerings as horror, but horror would be preset a certain way that fits the expected genre and so would romance. It could even be implemented without presets so it's less work on the developers. Other scaling factors could include action, violence, expletive language and intimacy. All of these options would be present, and the user simply adjusts the slider to their desired prose output, ranging from 0 (none) to 5 (high). This would also allow the user to possibly free up some words used in the style or genre box to further finetune their story.