Chatbot and text stories.

TLDR: I think allowing a user to input character information into the chat bot to customize the voice, and responses it will give would be a helpful tool. I know there is a plan to add an inhouse chat feature but there are two features that I think would be really neat to include down the line once the basic chat feature functionality is nailed down. The first is a character builder. As a character writer one of the things i love to do internally is assign my characters a certain back story and or personality traits and then internally interview them. AI provides a unique opportunity to externalize this interview by feeding it lore information about a character and allowing the user to ask it questions as a character building excersise. Psuedo related to this, Text stories, stories told through text messages are one way of telling stories and I think once the chat function has that character implementation it would be relatively easy, I say with no programming experience, to Implement 3 basic models for how the chat works. A role playing model, say for DND adventures, a texting model for text stories, and a general model for asking questions much like chat gpt, though even with one model it should be easy for someone to homebrew the others with prompts.