AI missing details in text

I sent an email to and they asked me to report this issue as a bug ("We might have to look further into this as we cannot predict what the AI will generate without limiting its creativity. If it's possible, can you also submit this as a bug report directly from the app? That way, the report gets saved into our feedback system and we can see your info (email address and name) as this is very important in determining whether amn issue is isolated or something that affects multiple users."). Using the Guided Write feature, I entered over 6000 words (because the feature said "The more text in your doc, the better"). When I clicked Write after telling it how I wanted to scene to go, it missed important details in what I'd already written. One of the characters is a toddler and that fact is not only repeated but underscored throughout the text I'd entered--yet one of its suggestions started with the words, “I accepted a job as a nanny for an eight-year-old girl." Nowhere in anything I'd written indicated the child was that old. There were other issues as well where the AI completely ignored the parameters dictated by all that had already been written. I hope this helps.