two part of a story that need to be combine in a way that is fluid

i have two part of a story that need to be combine in a way that is fluid, create code that could keep the tone, context and style consistent Creating code to combine two parts of a story while maintaining tone, context, and style consistency can be achieved using natural language processing (NLP) techniques, specifically with an AI like GPT-4. Here's a simple Python script using the OpenAI API to combine your story parts using GPT-4: python Copy code import openai openai.api_key = "your_api_key_here" def combine_story_parts(part1, part2): prompt = ( f"Combine the following two parts of a story, maintaining a consistent tone, context, and style:\n\n" f"Part 1: {part1}\n\n" f"Part 2: {part2}\n\n" f"Combined story:" ) response = openai.Completion.create( engine="text-davinci-002", # Replace with the latest available model prompt=prompt, max_tokens=1024, n=1, stop=None, temperature=0.7, ) combined_story = response.choices[0].text.strip() return combined_story Replace with your actual story parts part1 = "Story part 1 goes here." part2 = "Story part 2 goes here." combined_story = combine_story_parts(part1, part2) print("Combined story:", combined_story) Replace your_api_key_here with your actual OpenAI API key, and part1 and part2 with the two parts of your story. This script will use the GPT-4 model to generate a combined story with a consistent tone, context, and style. Please note that you will need to have the openai Python library installed and an OpenAI API key to use this code. You can install the library using pip install openai.