Option to make AI ignore specific text and more markdown options

I'm writing a visual novel with SudoWrite. It's gone smoothly so far however as the story gets longer, it becomes harder for the AI to understand the story and characters because of the multiple paths i have to impliment into the document. And while yes i could just use a bunch of documents for each path, that would total up to maybe hundreds of documents and would be an absolute nightmare to dig thorugh when coding the game. Another thing that gets confusing is what character is speaking. Since it is a visual novel, there is no "Blah blah blah" ***said Character 1*** so it gets harder to understand both for me and the AI, who is speaking. More markdown options would make this easier, specifically colors. I think this could also pair really well with what someone else suggested about making a [Lorebook or way to store basic info about the story that the AI would take into account when generating text] (https://feedback.sudowrite.com/feedback/34472).