Continuity Coordinator for Story Engine

Story Engine needs a Continuity Coordinator. A continuity coordinator is responsible for maintaining consistency in the details of a story, such as character traits, settings, and plot points. They work closely with the writing team to ensure that scenes are written in a way that is consistent with the overall narrative and provide information about the context of each scene to help maintain continuity throughout the story. Right now we rely on the author to know that they need to do this Continuity Coordinator job while working with Story Engine `Commands` generation and `Scene Prose` generation The Continuity Coordinator could go to work when you hit `Start Scene` Right now, the only thing that happens when you `Start Scene` is the silo is created for the `Part`, and the `summary` from the `outline` is copied over. If, instead of creating a new `part` silo column, `Start Scene` created a card for the `Part`, which could be entered, and inside that part, look like a somewhat empty Story Engine devoted to that part, AND if the Continuity Coordinator could help curate the various boxes with pertinent context information from the parent Story Engine, specific to the part being worked on, which could also be edited... Then, `Commands` and `Scene Prose` could be best prepared for success. And authors could keep their larger scope `Braindump`, `Synopsis` and `Outline`, and also understand better that they need to help coordinate continuity.