Shrink Ray Outline puts events out of order, invents parts of story not in text it was fed

Hello - some more bugs in the Shrink Ray feature for you. I gave Shrink Ray a detailed outline of my story. In the log line, blurb, and synopsis it did a fine job - making only minor mistakes in understanding the document, but otherwise faithfully conveying what happens in it. However the outline that was generated contains some invented material, and puts events out of order in a way that is entierly different from the log line, blurb, and synopsis it generated from the same document. In the below text it generated, a few of the key issues are: In section 1, points 1.A-1.E all take place at the start of the story. Point 1.F takes place at the very end of the story, a thousand words later than 1.A-1.E. 1.F is also incorect - below I explain that a different point represents a correct version of the same information. In Section 2, points 2.A and 2.B take place after point 1.D and before 1.E and 1.F. So we have plot points in section 1 and section 2 being mixed up between them. 2.A through 2.D all take place before 1.F 1.F and 2.E are the same plot point - 2.E is the correct description of it 3.A is either made up, or a misunderstanding of the end of the document I wrote. 3.B - 3.D are made up by the AI and do not reflect anything that I wrote. I should also mention that a large section of the middle of my writing is not represented in this outline, with it instead giving a detailed breakdown of the begining and end of the document, but skipping over about 40% of the middle. This type of error is, however, more expected than the strange ordering and made up plot points I describe above. The bug I'm reporting is the issues with the order and making stuff up, this issue of skipping parts of the story is more about comprehension and I understand may just reflect limits of the technology. I mention it so you have context. I hope this is helpful! > Outline > > I. Introduction > A. Vela is hired to rescue 11 year old twins Nova and Zephyr from bandits > B. Vela teams up with an old rival, Kaiden, to rescue the twins and return them to their father > C. Vela rescues Jenn from an outbreak of a strange plague called RAT-B > D. Vela and Jenn find a strange artifact, which Perma is after > E. They help rescue Roland, who had nearly died in the desert > F. Cosmo asks Vela to help him free another Perma agent, Owaz, who has been captured by Cosmo > > II. Conflict and Rising Action > A. Vela and Jenn escape with the artifact but are chased by Perma agents > B. They hear rumors of a trader named Roland who might be able to provide more information about the artifact > C. Vela learns that Nova and Zephyr may have been captured by bandits, so she rescues them with Cosmo > D. Roland and Talia learn all about the artifact from Jenn while they are on their way back to camp > E. Shath from Perma asks Vela to help him free Owaz from Cosmo's caravan > F. Vela and Zephyr investigate Shath's ship and find Vox there along with documents revealing that Perma was experimenting with the artifact which caused Rat-B > G. They also discover that it has something to do with inter-dimensional travel > > III Climax & Resolution > A.Vela’s group must decide how to handle the situation while protecting themselves from a potential attack by Perma > B. They devise a plan for handing off Owaz without drawing too much attention from Perma or anyone else who may be watching them > C.Vox reveals that he was sent by Perma as an undercover agent trying to get information on the artifact > D.The group ultimately decides to destroy the artifact so that it can never be used again