Add Visualize to Characters in Story Engine

Currently in the Canvas beta you can use Visualize to ask the system to create artwork for a scene - or if you describe it - a character's appearance. I would like to suggest that this ability be added to the Character section of Story Engine as an option the author can invoke. Since Story Engine can generate a series of characters - including their descriptions - it would be useful to be able to highlight a description and then have the system generate an image of the character based on the description. It would probably have the same 100 word cost that images have in Canvas and it would probably also be useful add a flag that suggests to the engine that it should create a "realistic" or "cartoon" representation in both Canvas beta and Story Engine beta Characters. This would be especially helpful for authors who have characters in a series since the picture would be a good reference of what the character looks like. (If only to avoid the "Why did you change his eye color?" fans.)