The ability to break up the Feedback for Full stories vs Chapters

When you're working on a novel, you split it into Chapters. The Feedback should reflect that. If I'm working on a Chapter, I want feedback on that. Then the Feedback should state what it thinks (likes, dislikes), ask if more is coming in the XYZ area, then suggest the normal things to add. There should be two modes of feedback. * Chapter mode (one document) focuses only on that information instead of a whole story. It will have to assume other information will be in other chapters, and details, conversations, the scene is complete and engaging) * Full Story mode (multiple documents) transitions between scenes are complete, not using words too many times or repeating the same information multiple times, checking readability and engagement in the whole store. Also, 10K words for Feedback is limiting when an average chapter is between 3 to 5K words. It would be nice to do phased Feedback to prevent resource overload of the platform, so the results are of each 5K words phased Feedback is referenced as it does the next Feedback if a whole novel is reviewed.