Ability to reference the left hand documents

Using the left menu 'untitled' and creating multiple 'documents', prompts, outline, chapters, etc to keep track of your work. The ability to tell sudowrite to reference that document. Example you have 3 chapters, each chapter saved as it's own document on the left menu. You create a 4th document, chapter 4. And use the generate first draft feature, telling it the new information while telling it to reference that document. Example - chapter 1, a murder thriller, has specific details about a body or crime. And being able to tell the generate engine something like. "Write the start of chapter using details from chapter 1.." sort of thing. Or prompt. This may work well if naming the left menu documents specific names like, prompts, characters, etc. Something where the system will know to reference that when writing new documents instead of having to 'rewrite' it for the system to understand.