Undelete / Undo it you accidentally delete a workspace from home or have a trash can 30 day queue

Its quite easy to experiment and have 2 or 3 Untitled or even named workspaces on your home screen. With a slowish internet, many of those can come up as blank. Becasue the UI seems to resort them on home page after you clicked them, I went to home and inadvertently deleted the one workspace that I had valuable work in. I can't find anyway to undo or undelete this. I was expecting a "you have deleted this workspace, click here to Undo" confirmation, like Google drive has. Or a very clear undo button in top right near the question mark, OR a recently deleted / trash can history. If the UI worked in such a way that Delete, moved it to a trash can queue that would actually delete it within 30 days that would be a lot safer. The other feature suggestion is being able to delete a workspace, when you are in it. That way you now what it really contains. From the home level you can't really tell other than the name or the short content example, making it hard to compare workspaces in detail. thanks.