Simple general purpose API

Edit: Actually, intentionally or not, I seem to be able to jankily do API calls from the cli anyways. So maybe I can just hack something together for now. Edit 2: Ok I made a bidirectional markdown sync using the idToken I extracted. Kinda janky but does what I want haha I know this is a niche request, but I'd like to be able to write using my local workflow and be able to easily sync it with SudoWrite. Because my usual workflow is so niche, I think it'd make more sense for SudoWrite to provide a relatively simple /project/

/doc/ get/put API for project pages. The one feature I think would be important would maybe be a `?lastSeenEditTime=...` flag so client implementors could avoid accidentally clobbering changes made in sudowrite. Before sudowrite my workflow was usually local markdown files + git backups, edited in vim. Aside from sometimes wanting to just write "normally" and use my own tooling (especially for organizing). It also makes me anxious to not have my own copy of whatever I'm writing.