Implement Markdown Formatting

I use markdown formatting in my writing, for headers, emphasis, etc. Is there any plan for markdown support for formatting? For example, all of the markdown formatting in this text box would be great! :D But here's some ideas: Enclosing back ticks create code blocks, which aren't too useful with sudo write but do allow us to show characters as is (I will use these code blocks below to show the formatting characters). We could have *italics* (with `*italics*` **bold** or `**bold**` # header 1 `#header` ## header 2 `## header 2` Numbered list support, strickthrough, etc can all be supported via markdown, and then we could do formatting without reaching to the top bar. We could also easily export the text of chapters as plain text documents with this markdown formatting (with a .txt or .md extension, or no extension cause who cares in 2023...).