Banned phrase list

SudoWrite will respond with a super common genre phrase. Which is great the first time it happens. But when it shows up twice in a chapter or even twice to three times in the same suggestion it decreases the overall value of those responses. I would like to have a certain number of phrases I can ban from Write/Guided Write/Expand/ReWrite etc... that will keep me from seeing the same phrase too many times in the suggestions. I tried prompts in ChatGPT to experiment with negative prompting which I know can sometimes be an issue but it seems that they have it worked out. It's not an Apples to Apples comparison to GPT3.x but this worked well to keep phrases out and something like this added on to prompts may help with filtering out over suggested phrases. Sample prompt. Write me a 3 sentence scene with a girl walking across a bridge but don't use the words "sun", "woman", "girl" or "bridge"