Feature Suggestion: Make a Book Bible

I'd like sudowrite to be able to scan my previous stories, **to make bibles for series.** I'm not sure how this might work, because I'm a writer and dungeonmaster, not a coder, but here are some ideas of what I wish it could do.Maybe your folks can make it happen. Perhaps if I put in character names, and/or then list descriptions of them. I'd like sudowrite to be able to find characters, in my previously written books, perhaps by their jobs, for example in book 5, I may need to find the taxi driver who is somewhere in book 2, so I can use him or something he said in that section--It would be helpful if sudowrite could say: taxi driver appears in chapter 4, page 90, which is somewhat more tricky than a simple "find" especially if I don't know if I called him a taxi driver or called an uber or lyft and just named him as Jack in the book, and because he is a minor character, I don't remember what I named him. This type of thing is notoriously hard for an author to find again and is time consuming to keep continuity in a long series. Or ask "What is Mr. Darcy's valet's name?" If I put that information somewhere in a previous book and don't remember exactly where. Or list and describe type and how many homes have been described in Helm's Deep? Or in my series. I'd also like sudowrite to be able to list and capture descriptions of settings I have written so I don't move the library from the front of the house to the back of the house accidentally in a multiple book series, or change the number of turrets, or accentally change the name of the cook from Maggie to Margie. You can think of this like a help book for a video game--where was the "epic- sword" and how do I find it? Answer might be originally in the dark dungeon, back left corner behind the fern (book one, chapter two, page 29) and/or, but now was last seen in possession of Lord Creepy, (book 4, chapter 6, page 133) therefore, the reader is uncertain of the epic-sword's whereabouts. Thanks. I'm having fun playing with this right now.