Option for the AI to look forward.

I'm not sure how possible this is in the technical sense, but is there a way for the AI to consider upcoming text as well? It seems to me the reason why the AI is going in many directions is that it never considers the next sequence of events in the story. If there is a computational limit preventing more text from being considered, then sacrifice 100 words or so from the 1000 words the AI considers, enough to get the topic sentence into the AI's consideration. In certain ways, this is how 'Describe' works, but 'Describe' doesn't look as deeply back as the 'Write:Keypoints' function. I have to admit, suddenly the 'Write:Guided' option seems to be what I need, but I would like it to consider the keypoints as well. In fact, I always want my keypoints to be considered at all times. Perhaps have an option to autofill the 'Write:Guided' dialog with the upcoming sentences?