Better Documentation

I want to know in finer detail how the AI scans text. Currently, there is no documentation for "Expand", so I don't know how many words the AI considers before the highlighted text, if any. I don't know in what sequence of text does the 'Details:Keypoints' consider first: The keypoints textbox, or the 1000 words before the cursor? What are the differences between the Keypoints string and the 1000 word string to the AI? Is there a way I can format things to get the most information to the AI, because it's more effecient for me and Sudowrite to do so. It prevents the need for your company to scale up quickly. Can I have more details about each and every feature? I mean, you guys are at the helm of AI capable of generating content quickly, right? Love your product btw <3 I find the Sudowrite guide lacking in structure and information, that's all.