Rewrite for longer texts

tl;dr The current 300-word limit for Rewrite ends up taking up more time and words than I'd like. Being able to Rewrite bigger chunks of text at once would solve that problem. I frequently use Rewrite to experiment with different styles and to develop my own voice as an author, or just to help get me through some wording that I'm not happy with. The current limit for Rewrite is 300 words, which equates to 3-4 paragraphs for me on average. When I'm working on my book, I sometimes want to Rewrite an entire chapter I've just written, which averages about 1,500 words. Going back and Rewriting 300 words at a time can be quite time consuming. I understand if doing 1,500+ words at once would be too much to handle; however, if we could Rewrite maybe 800-1,000 words at a time, it would make my life a lot easier (which was the goal when I began using Sudowrite). Beyond convenience, I think this feature would be helpful to keep the cohesion of the longer text. For example: My chapter has A happen, then B, then C, and so on. The 300 words only covers A and B, so Sudo doesn't know that C is about to come next. Sometimes it figures it out on its own, but it will often skip to D or E, or something that doesn't even take place. This leads to the end of the rewritten text often being unusable. Thanks for reading!