Expand the Sudowrite Feedback Beta Reader Function

The Sudowrite Beta feature is awesome! I love getting preliminary feedback on various areas of my work. However, the Beta Reader is currently limited to only 10K. It would be great if it could be expanded to critique a complete manuscript. Because of this limitation, I sought out other editing software that could give a "subjective" Sudowrite beta reader type of critique on all areas of the story/novel, making it more of a developmental critique (deep dive into plot, pacing, characterization, dialogue, etc). All of the services unfortunately fell short, as they'd give high level "objective" views of the novel without clear guidance on what areas the writer should consider revising (with examples). None had the value of a Sudowrite beta read! Also additionally, these services included comparisons of your book to a similar author/genre. So in a nutshell, I'd envision a Sudowrite expansion to include: * beta read critique of a complete manuscript (>10K) including examples from writer's text * developmental editing of various aspects of the story/novel (deep dive into plot, pacing, characterization, dialogue, etc) with these areas organized into standard sections * overview comparison of similar author and/or genre Thank you!