Convert Text Format (dialogue - prose, vice versa)

It would be awesome to be able to select a conversion and have sudowrite condense it to a few liness of prose, or vice versa. Example... the following conversation: > “Do you know where the cake mix is?” she asks. > “I have no idea,” I tell her. > “You put the groceries away.” > “Yeah, yesterday. I don’t remember where they went.” > “Well, look for them please.” > I look around a few cabinets and find the cake mix. > “Here it is.” > “Thanks,” she says. Could then be converted to: > She calls me into the kitchen and asks me where I put the cake mix she bought yesterday. I can’t remember where I put it, and she insists I look for it. I quickly find it and she thanks me, but I think she’s annoyed that she had to ask in the first place.