"Member since" shows current date

Having the "member since" date be accurate (for me, it would be july 25th, I believe) would remind me when my AI generated words will be refreshed so I can consume what I am paying for at an appropriate rate. Thank you!! Actually, if you're looking for a project (ha ha)...it would be nice to have a reports feature that shows the rate of consumption of AI generated words. Show it over time, maybe see if you can compare it to the overall word output? It could be a convincing way to show people why they should upgrade their plan. If I understood that using Sudowrite to generate "1000" words helps me write "2000" words of original text, then it follows that being able to use Sudowrite more would help me be even more prolific! Or as a marketing tool -- "Our tool also motivates and inspires you to be a more prolific writer. Sudowrite helped authors write an average of x original words per x words generated." Love your service. It's like having a tireless, slighty zany writing partner who is always there to get me out of writer's block.