Split Braindump into "Story Setting" and "Story Plot" Sections

I often find myself using about a quarter to half of the Braindump section's 2,000-word limit to explain my fictional world's lore, history, or mechanics, which reduces my word count for writing my rough plot concepts. Then, when you create a synopsis, a lot of the worldbuilding info is completely left out, never to return unless you forcefully edit it back into the generated outline. It would be awesome if Braindump could be split into two sections, one meant for story setting / world building/lore and another section meant for your rough plot concepts. Alternatively, you could add a new section after Braindump specifically for story setting / world lore that would be used when generating not only the Synopsis but also the Outline and Chapter Beats. If that's too difficult, simply increasing the Synopsis word limit to 1,000 to 1,500 words would allow more setting / world lore to be included without sacrificing as much from the generated plot.