Pc, Android, Apple.. Application with offline capabilities.

Imagine your in the lobby of an airport, this crazy no-place where times follow different rules, the excitement of a near traveling through the sky put you in a writing frenzy. You prompt like mad online on the sudowrite web interface 'till, on the plane, the captain tells everyone shut their connection. Here starts hours of frustration, can't review your writing, you continue writing with a pencil on paper but.. Some love to write in a cabin where no connection is available and the Elon's stars-pan has been forgotten home. In my opinion, if Sudowrite wanna be the next tool for writing story's, it must be available anywhere, anytime on any device. Of course as the AI model is stored on servers, AI functionalitys won't be available without connection, still the ability to access and review your work from any device any time seams essential.