be able to regenerate paragraph with out having to regenerate chapter from start

First I would like ot say, you guys created an amaizing tool. However there is one issue I am fasing. It's regarding the chapter generator. As of now, the way it works is, you type in the beats and the AI will generate the paragraph (Not sure paragraph is the right word but for the sake of this argument I will call it that) one by one using the beats as instructions. For example: 1. Detective enters crime scene. 2. Describe crime scene. 3. Detective interrogates suspects. 4. Detective finds criminal. The AI will generate paragraph one by one for these beats. The problem is, let’s say you generate paragraph 1 and 2. You finish editing them the way you like, and generate the next paragraph, but you don’t like the result. You want to regenerate the paragraph, but doing so makes the AI restart from the first paragraph. It is sad as you may have wanted to keep the previous paragraphs, not to mention you lose all the work you did editing them. (Sure you can kind off cheat by deleting the newly generated paragraph and replace them with the old ones, but is a loss of AI generated words) I propose to divide the beasts by paragraph so that we can regenerate individual paragraph at our leisured. Ex: Paragraph 1: 1. Detective enters crime scene. 2. Describe crime scene. Paragraph 2: 1. Detective interrogates suspects. 2. Start with victim friend. Paragraph 3: 1. Detective finds criminal. This way we can easily change the beats of a paragraph and regenerate it the paragraph we wish to change without having to regenerate the others. For example: in paragraph 2, we may want to add that victim friend seems nervous indicating he could be the criminal. Now we can regenerate paragraph 2 without having to regenerate paragraph 1 in the process. This method will also allow implementing a function to choose the size of the paragraph. For example: Paragraph 1 can be short, and paragraph 2 can be long.