More accurate and flexible way to generate story

I have got a idea for a new feature to generate new stories using Sudowrite that I would like to see come to fruitation. The idea is to seperate the story you want to create in cards (using sudowrite terminology) User will write what he wants to happen in the paragraph, like he does when writing the beats. Once the beats are place generate that chapter and move to the next one. This way user can regenerate a chapter he does not like instead of having to generate the entire story again. ex: -you write the beats for chapter one, then generate the chapter. -You do the same for chapter 2 and 3. -Here is the fun part, lets say you want to change chapter 2. You rewrite the beats and easily regenerate the chapter. You can have the chapter sample the previous and next chapter to make it more accurate. -This way creating a story does not have to be so linear. You can skip some chapters for later and work on the key points.