A Book Series Feature in Story Engine

I wirte series andand having the right features in Sudowrite to streamline the process. A central dashboard that displays an overview of all series-related information. Switching between books in the series while maintaining separate storylines, characters, and notes. Character database to store information about each character, including their background, appearance, personality traits, and relationships and the books that they appear in. World-building tools to maintain consistency in the settings, rules, and lore throughout the series. Plot outline templates that allow for overarching series plots and individual book plots. Timeline management to ensure chronological consistency across books within the series. Tools for tracking subplots, unresolved mysteries, and character arcs that span multiple books. A feature that automatically checks for and suggests references to events, characters, or world-building details from previous books in the series. A way to maintain consistency in character development and story progression across multiple books. Generating coherent and consistent text across books.