POV and Verb Tense Section for Chapters

This one is a subtler tool but one that would be useful for anyone writing fiction, because POV and tense are baseline technical issues a lot of authors find challenging/confusing and which hamper a lot of initial drafts. At present, the AI tends to slide into sloppy "omniscient third" all too often, which is both anachronistic and discouraged in modern popular fiction. At the top each chapter, consider implementing: * POV FIELD: a short field for insertion of a character name to establish the viewpoint character definitively before generation. * VERB TENSE: a dropdown menu(?) for general tense selection so that the AI doesn't drift/waffle. These two simple choices would allow authors to specify a clean, clear POV for each section and also to manage verb tense/continuity. Both are simple, central siimple authorial considerations with wide impact on all the output. Further, having the info anchored up top in each section would help Sudowrite minimize its (persistent) POV issues like headhopping, drifting, blur, and buffering. Even more useful/expert/subtle would be a boolean button adjacent to the POV selector allowing users to turn on the option for "DEEP POV", which would force the AI to ditch common buffer words (*saw, felt, heard, smelled, knew, thought*, etc) to make Deep POV easier to implement. The requirements of Deep POV can seem incredibly fussy and fiddly for humans, but would be relatively simple for software.