Story Engine word counts are WAY TOO SHORT

I'm new to sudowrite. I'm using the Stroy Engine and I think it is wonderful. HOWEVER, i am somewhat disappointed at the limited word lengths. * Braindump = 2000 * Synopsis = 1700 * Characters = 700 - Really?! * Outline = 1700 These are extremely limiting! the could easily be: * Braindump = 5000 * Synopsis = 5000 * Characters = 5000 * Outline = 5000 Having more room would allow for more complex strories with larger casts and subplots. For my stories this is definately needed. I'm writing a Mytery/Thriller which has a fairly involved plot and a couple of subplots. I don't really intend for sudowrite to actually write my chapters, but the idea of taking it as far as the Beats for each chapter and then massaging the beats to really nail down the story is what motivated me to sign up. Perhaps, this could be done some other way that I'm not seeing?