A "moments" generator.

I often find myself wanting a short scene to act as inpiration or to add colour to scene. This is not a whole story and would work more similarly to Chat GPT but without the restrictions that make it hard to use for writing. An example that would not be permitted on Chat GPT would be something like, "Create a short scene of two women discusing their recent infidelitys and their oblivious husbands." This is not a story but looking for dialogue that another main character might react to. I often use Chat GPT to help inspire doialogue or scenes that are out of my point of reference but find the fact that it will not discuss anything untowrds extremely frustrating. Another example might be trying to write a mysoganistic charcter and wanting some crass and sexist dialogue. A prompt like, "Write a short scene of a man making sexist jokes in the pub to his drunk friends," could provide the inspiration that I am looking for.