Fresh Fixes & Improvements

Here are this week's bug fixes and improvements! ## Bug Fixes **No More Unwanted Auto-Scrolling** - When toggling into a document, you'll always be returned to wherever you were last working—but sometimes that's not your intent. The editor will no longer auto-scroll away once you've placed your cursor in the document, making for a smoother editing experience. **Title Documents Without Interruption** - Pasting content into a blank document and then titling it could sometimes lead to the auto-titler jumping in and interrupting your work. This has been fixed, so manually titling documents is now more consistent (and less aggravating). **Quick Chat Shortcut Fix** - We've updated the behavior of the Command-Enter shortcut. It now submits your Quick Chat (or Quick Edit) instead of closing the window. **Add Chapter Dropdown UI** - The Add Chapter dropdown menu inside of Story Bible could occasionally become occluded by other interface elements when you had a bunch of chapters. We've resolved the bug responsible for that. ## Usability Improvements **Restart Chapter Generation from Any Beat** - While Chapter Generator still allows you to continue from wherever you may have paused, you now also have the option to restart from any beat, giving you more control over your process. **Improved Link Readability in Dark Themes** - Specific links inside of the Plugin editor were difficult to read in the Charcoal and Cauldron themes. We've improved the contrast and readability of these links in dark themes. Keep the great feedback coming, here or in [our Discord community]( Thanks, folks!