Export Characters & Improved Quick Chat

The team has been on a roll with fixes and improvements to Sudowrite this week. Here are two of the latest features we've delivered. ## New Features! - **Export Characters** - The Characters section of Story Bible can now be exported. Just click the three dots (•••) in the Characters section header of Story Bibe and select Export. You'll receive a CSV file tidily organized with all of your characters and traits. (This same CSV format makes for an easy Character import too!) - **Quick Chat Session History** - You can now scroll back in your Quick Chat conversations to read previous messages in your exchange. This history is not currently saved and dismissing the window *will* reset the conversation—but the entire conversation thread can now be copy/pasted out if you'd like to save it for later. Are there other features on your wishlist? Let us know [in the Discord](https://discord.gg/sudowrite).