Bug Fixes & Improvements

We've got a whole bunch of fresh fixes and improvements as of yesterday. Here's what's new! ## Bug Fixes - **Quick Chat Loading Fix** - Several users reported that Quick Chat was hanging indefinitely after they'd initiated a chat. The issue was isolated to larger projects, but we've fixed the underlying problem and you can now use Quick Chat in projects of any size without issue. - **Character Trait Defaults** - When adding a Trait to your default character traits, the button to "Add Trait to Current Characters" was not working properly. Traits can now be applied to current characters when adding a default. - **Document Dragging Alignment** - If you had a whole bunch of documents, and tried to drag one of them, you may have noticed that document was not aligned with your cursor in the process. We've resolved this issue, and docs drag the way they ought to. ## Usability & Interface Improvements - **Better Document Duplication** - Duplicating a document will now also copy the beats and linked chapter. - **Alignment Fixes** - The tooltips for 'Collapse Menu' and 'Find and Replace' were *ever so slightly* misaligned. The mouseover state of the Trash was too! We fixed these alignment issues. - **Border Radius Consistency** - Similarly, Story Bible and Canvas each had a different border radius in the left bar. We made them the same so Ryan can sleep at night. - **Extra Document Real Estate** - Collapsing your toolbar now expands the document all the way up to the top of the page. (That means you can now fit even more words on your screen!) - **Cursor Retention in Quick Edit** - Rejecting a Quick Edit selection now leaves your cursor or selection just the way it was, so you no longer need to use the mouse to click back into where you'd been working. Thanks so much for bringing these items to our attention! Remember that you can always use the *Report a Bug* feature in the (?) dropdown menu on Sudowrite to put things on our radar.