Recent Bug Fixes & Improvements

Here's a quick roundup of some improvements we've made to the Sudowrite user experience, including one notable tweak to make the AI more permissive. **Improvements:** * **More Tolerant AI!** - We've made Best Prose and the Claude 3 models more tolerant. This means they're now **less likely to refuse to generate violent or spicy prose** when asked to do so. **Bug Fixes:** * **Truncated Prose Generation** - Using the Experimental model Claude 3 Sonnet in the Chapter Generator could produce single-line prose generation. That's been resolved, and Sonnet will now generate expected-length prose for each beat. * **Worldbuilding UI Adjustment** - We fixed a display bug that caused the bottom Worldbuilding element's Type dropdown to appear beneath the Generate Element button. It now floats over that button as intended. * **Dragging into Folders** - We resolved an issue that made it difficult to drag documents into empty or collapsed folders in your left bar. You no longer need to line things up *just right*. * **Trait Name Clickability** - The trait label field (where you name your trait) could become unclickable if you clicked away *before* giving it a name. We fixed that, so you can now always click back into a trait's label. Our thanks to everyone who took the time to report these issues!