Even More New Features for Story Bible

Our recent Story Bible 2 launch introduced Worldbuilding—so you can finally document settings, items, lore, and beyond—and dramatically improved the way Characters work, removing limits and adding structure. Now that all projects on Sudowrite are using Story Bible 2, there's a couple of additional features we'd like to share. ![image (10).png-2329](BASE/products/985904264/changelog/34575/inline-cd2555836fdbcf08a0d0a47c06dde546.jpg) **Smart Character Import** - You can now import your characters from anywhere! Upload a file that contains your character notes, a chapter, or your whole manuscript. You can even paste your work-in-progress (up to 60,000 words) into an open text field. Sudowrite's AI will detect and create your characters, even populating your defined trait fields for you. **Generate and Rewrite Traits** - Sometimes you add traits *after* generating a character. In those cases, you can now get help from the AI filling in blank trait fields. Just click *Fill this in* to populate an empty trait field on either Character or Worldbuilding cards. You can also now quickly *Rewrite* the substance of existing fields. These features join Story Bible 2's recently-announced visibility settings, which allow you to hide a card or trait from the AI entirely. Now you can effortlessly pull in your Characters, fill them out, and control which of them the AI considers at any given time, for the best prose generation experience yet.