🫣 Hide Characters & Even More New Features

While the Saliency Engine that launched with our Story Bible 2 update helps the AI stay focused on relevant details, sometimes you still want **control over *which* details** should be considered. Today we launched a new feature that allows you **hide an entire Character card or Worldbuilding element from the AI**, to ensure that it's not used in any generations. **This hide feature also extends to individual traits** at the card level, in case you want to hide your murderer's motive field from the AI so that it doesn't prematurely spill the beans, for example. ![CleanShot 2024-06-12 at 16.53.28@2x.png-2520](BASE/products/985904264/changelog/34396/inline-cf34e9a0a03ffeecdb38cddea2c36fbf.jpg) The new Character and Worldbuilding visibility options are available now, and can be found beneath the three dot (•••) menus at the card and trait level. We've got a few *other* new features to share as well: - You can now **import your characters**, using the Import Characters option in the three dot (•••) menu of your Story Bible's Characters section. Paste anything you'd like in there, and Sudowrite will parse it and identify the characters you'd like to add. (Note that this feature is still under development. We'll share another update adding functionality soon.) - Did you get a little carried away with Worldbuilding? You can now **delete custom Worldbuilding templates** that you've previously created. That's all for this edition, but we've got even more features in progress. Want to make sure you stay up to date on those? [Join our Discord community here!](https://discord.gg/sudowrite)