🛠️ Plugin Updates & Other Fixes

We've made some improvements to Plugins, and fixed some user reported bugs as well. Here's what's new! ![CleanShot 2024-06-05 at 13.00.56@2x.png-3512](BASE/products/985904264/changelog/34104/inline-41b0c5e1cdd3810c9a176de6a4251d9e.jpg) **The Plugins test panel now displays Credits Used.** Testing a Plugin before publishing it allows you to confirm its functionality. Now it also gives you context on how many credits it may cost to use once it's live. (Make note that the number provided in testing is for reference, and based off of your inputs specifically. It may not be representative of what it will cost other users—since credit use depends on both inputs and output.) **Basic Plugins can now receive Worldbuilding context.** When building your basic Plugin, you'll now see a checkbox that allows you to optionally pass in Worldbuilding elements. Use this feature when you want your basic Plugin to consider a user's Worldbuilding elements when it's run. (Note that Worldbuilding variable options were already available in the Advanced Plugin builder.) We've also resolved a couple of noteworthy issues. - The Claude 3 models available in the Experimental section of your Write Settings were not receiving Story Bible context. We've resolved that issue so that **the Write button now receives Story Bible context regardless of which model is selected** (when Story Bible is enabled). - Scrolling down to wherever you left off in a document can be annoying—and as it turns out, that's not the way things are supposed to work. We fixed the bug causing that issue, and now **when you open a document you're automatically returned to the last place you were inside of it**.