Story Bible 2 Fixes

Last week we launched Story Bible 2! In the days since launch we've been tackling priority issues as they've been flagged to our attention. So far, we've: * Conducted an extensive review of Story Bible 2 features for screen reader compatibility in an effort to improve accessibility. * Improved the Character Role dropdown field so that text is either fully displayed or appropriately truncated. * Added functionality for Undo and Redo inside of Characters and Worldbuilding card fields. * Updated the Generate Random feature in Worldbuilding to make it *more* random and prevent repetitive generations. * Corrected an issue that would prevent saving template edits to *already* customized Worldbuilding templates. * Fixed the location and functionality of the three dot menus (•••) on Character cards and Worldbuilding elements, so they now close properly when clicking outside of them. * Fixed a formatting issue in custom Worldbuilding element template titles. * Implemented a *whole bunch* of other UI fixes, including several related to visibility issues when using dark themes. Thank you to our earliest adopters for bringing these to our attention! If you're ever uncertain about whether something is working as expected, you can get in touch with us (or other helpful members of our Sudowrite community!) in [**our Discord server here**](