Worldbuilding, Unlimited Characters, and More

Last week we launched **Story Bible 2**, a huge update for Story Bible which addresses Sudowrite's most requested features of all time. Story Bible 2 officially adds: ## Worldbuilding ## ![Story-Bible-GIF---Worldbuilding-v2.gif-4085](BASE/products/985904264/changelog/33453/inline-39ab74e18118f93f71e227200f8ab850.gif) Add your story's lore, settings, clues, magic systems, and *much* more in the brand new Worldbuilding section of Story Bible. Worldbuilding elements are stored on cards, which can be customized, templatized, and generated with Sudowrite's AI. This new Worldbuilding section not only helps *you* stay organized, but it makes the AI smarter and more story aware than ever. ## Unlimited Characters ## ![Export-1715625583485.gif-1683](BASE/products/985904264/changelog/33453/inline-50e3621faa4049f962fe9ab47ed3167f.gif) You can finally add as many characters as your story requires in the revamped Characters section of Story Bible. Generate characters individually or all at once, and customize your desired traits with additional details (such as motivations, core wounds, Enneagram types, etc.) Traits can be customized individually, or added to all existing characters in one go. ## Better Story Smarts ## ![Export-1715625708177.gif-2120](BASE/products/985904264/changelog/33453/inline-76374183fd7d09daa3378added865f2a.gif) To make the best use of all that additional context, we've also updated the AI behind Story Bible. Our powerful new **Saliency Engine** helps Sudowrite stay focused exclusively on details relevant to what you're working on. This means rather than micromanaging what the AI can see, you're free to focus on writing. **Availability** Story Bible 2 is available now, and all **new projects** have immediate access to all of these features. All **existing projects** have already been updated with the Saliency Engine and Worldbuilding, but **the new unlimited Characters format is available on an opt-in basis** (per project) for the next 30 days. (All projects will be updated thereafter.) If you don't see these updates, just refresh your browser! **Read the updated docs** for [Characters]( and [Worldbuilding]( here.