Domain Update & Other Fixes

We're working on a bunch of improvements to Sudowrite that required us to move the editor and all of your projects from `/app` to a new domain at ``. We made that change last week, and it went off without a hitch! Meanwhile, our team has been giving some time and attention to the less obvious corners of the app as well. - We refined the Add New menu, fixing padding, making the icons uniform, and allowing it to overflow in the event your left bar is really narrow. - We resolved a bug that would sometimes cause the Write button to inexplicably spit out some javascript code. - We fixed a minor issue with Story Bible's Synopsis section related to formatting. Results will no longer begin with a blank space and line break. - Finally, someone in our Discord community pointed out that the title of the Sudowrite browser tab was the first few words of their document rather than their Document title. We changed that setting so that your Document title will now be reflected in your browser tab for easier navigation. Keep the feedback and requests coming!