🛠️ Bug Fix Roundup

Here's a handful of user-reported bugs that we resolved this week. - We received reports that our help chat window was opening up on pages where it typically wouldn't, in some cases blocking portions of the user interface. We resolved this issue, and **the help chat will no longer obstruct things that it shouldn't**. While we were at it, we *also* fixed an issue that could cause the help chat window to appear entirely empty! - Since the launch of folders, some users have reported difficulty with moving files around in their left bar. We identified and resolved the root issue, and **you can now move files precisely where you'd like them**—into, out of, and between folders as desired. Organizers rejoice! - Finally, it was brought to our attention that in some cases deleting an empty folder could cause the left bar to crash entirely. This would throw an ugly grey box into that left bar, and make navigation between documents impossible until a refresh. We've resolved the issue, and **deleting empty folders now works as expected**. Thank you for continuing to raise your issues to our attention. Keep them coming folks!