Upgrade & Update Roundup

We love Fix-it-Friday so much that sometimes we can't even wait till Friday to tackle the bug fixes and improvements you've requested. Here's a look at some recent upgrades and updates we've made to Sudowrite thanks to your feedback! ## Upgrades We continue to make incremental updates to Story Bible in advance of our planned Characters and Worldbuilding launch. Most recently **we upgraded the model powering Synopsis to Claude 3 Sonnet**, which has been recognized for its sense of humor, reasoning capabilities, and writing craft. Meanwhile, **the Characters tool (available under the Plugins dropdown) has been upgraded to use GPT 3.5 Turbo**. This resolved an issue where it would refuse to generate characters. ## Updates We've officially taken the Feedback feature *out* of Labs. **Everyone can now find Feedback under the Plugins dropdown**. Given that, and our improved beta processes, **we've removed the Labs icon and page**. **We've deprecated the old Tweetstorm tool**, which previously appeared under Labs, in favor of a first party Tweetstorm plugin. (You can find that [official Tweetstorm plugin here](https://www.sudowrite.com/app/plugin/l5MRDyhRZ/tweetstorm).) We tweaked the interface so that **clicking the Write (Guided) button will close an open Write Settings window** in favor of the Guided Write menu. These previously overlapped. Finally, we fixed an issue where the plethora of Experimental models available in the Write Settings Prose Mode selector could make that menu *way* too long. **The Experimental section of that menu is now scrollable**... which means we can add as many exciting new models as we want. :) Keep 'em coming!