User Interface Improvements

In the course of your work, you may have noticed that your left bar winds up unusably skinny or that the handle to resize your document is in a weird location. We just shipped fixes for several of these micro-interactions, so that resizing your window should now feel more intuitive and predictable. [embed:] Here's a more expansive look at the little changes we've made: - The left and right bars no longer change size when you adjust the size of your browser window—only the editor section will scale. - The spacing of the document and folder icons have been adjusted so that they are now aligned in the left bar. - The folder arrow icon's hover state has been tweaked so that it no longer intersects with the icon. - The left bar's resizer handle has been updated so that it no longer overlaps Write Settings when those are expanded. These changes are all in addition to the recent updates that help the left bar always expand to the size it was when it was collapsed, and the fix we shipped restoring the ability to manually resize the center editor window.