🛠️ Bug Fix Roundup

We've been hard at work resolving several user-reported bugs. Here's a quick look at some we fixed this week. **Folders** - The launch of folders made files in the left bar harder to click and drag. (You had to click directly on the Document or Folder's icon in order to move it.) **You can now click anywhere on a Document or Folder—even the name—to drag it**, as before. - When trying to rename a Folder or Document, the icon for that file would disappear. **Folder and Document icons now persist, even when you're in the middle of renaming them.** - Folders would sometimes wind up inside of the nearest folder when clicking and dragging them. We fixed it so that **folders will only move inside of another folder when the cursor is immediately over the target folder.** **More!** - **Canvas:** Our helpful customer support chat question mark icon was blocking the controls in Canvas. 😅 **We've disabled the support chat button inside of Canvas to prevent this.** - **Quick Tools:** You may have noticed Quick Chat sneaking a peek at documents in your Trash. We fixed that, so **Quick Edit and Quick Chat now correctly ignore deleted documents**. - **Editor:** If you happened to collapse your editor's toolbar while you had a tooltip window open, an empty the bubble remained. **Tooltips now disappear along with the toolbar.** - **Editor:** We recently fixed the left bar so it would always expand to the size it was when collapsed, but we broke the ability to resize the center editor column in the process. That's now fixed, meaning **with the left and right bar collapsed, you can resize the editor as desired.** Thanks so much for flagging these to our attention—keep them coming folks!